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Talking to someone can help build your resilience

Step 1. Ask your GP to fill in a Referral Form
To see us you will need current referral. We can see private patients or bulk-bill rural patients. Ensure your GP can send us the Referral
Step 2. Book Initial Consultation
Send your Referral form. One of our friendly staff will be in touch to schedule your appointment. If you haven't heard from us within 2 business days, please contact us on 03 8595 9595
Step 3. Enter the Video Call
10 minutes before your appointment is scheduled click on the 'Start Online Call' Button on the top right of this website and select your specialist's name to initiate the video call

Helping the Community in a Simple & Convenient Way

Who is it for?

Are you, or perhaps someone you know, feeling sad, angry, anxious or different to how you usually feel, but find it challenging to seek out help?

At Telehealth Specialists, we have a dream to revolutionise the way mental health care is delivered by resolving the geographical and personal barriers to accessing services. Our psychiatrists and specialists make it their mission to provide higher quality mental health to anyone, anywhere using video teleconferencing over the internet.

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Rural or Remote Australians
Time-Poor Professionals and Families
Socially Isolated and Immobile
Carers and Mental Health Care Professionals

The Future of Mental Health Care has Arrived at Your Doorstep with Telepsychiatry

Anywhere and Anytime you need us

Hi, my name is Dr Akinsol (Sola) Akinbiyi and I am a principal psychiatrist at Telehealth Specialist Services. My colleagues and I have created Telehealth Specialists with a mission to make quality mental health care simple and convenient for Australians in regional and metropolitan areas. Anytime. Anywhere.

We are Australian owned full private practice offering follow-up and ongoing care via telehealth  by connecting patients across Australia with mental health care practitioners and specialists through a secure online booking and video-conferencing platform.

Our professional team of doctors and staff have significant experience. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best opportunity for a positive outcome by offering the highest level of service and care.

Faster and Convenient Access to Care

Remote patients have access to more convenient consultations. By remaining in the comfort and privacy of your own home (or doctors rooms) you avoid the stress, inconvenience and expense of travel and clinic waiting times. 

All you need is Access to Internet and Computer

All you need is a referral and access to a computer, tablet or smart phone with a reliable, high speed internet connection. If you need help setting up your computer, arrange a test call with our friendly receptionist prior to your appointment!

Credit Card is needed for Private Bookings

We request payment by credit card prior to your appointment for consultations that are not bulk billed. Cancellation and non-attendance fees apply for all appointments as our specialists do not double book. Their time is allocated exclusively to your appointment.

Simple, Stress-free Bookings

Once you obtain your referral you can easily request a booking online. Alternatively book with our friendly reception staff by phone on 03 8595 9595 or  email

Simple Process

How Do I Get Started?

Our mission is to transform access to mental health care through innovative applications of technology and to provide patients who otherwise could not attend the psychiatry appointments with a videoconferencing solution from the comfort of their own home. Attending a Telehealth Specialist Video Session is simple, just follow these 3 steps:

Step 1:

Get your referral

To see us you will need to obtain a current referral (less that 12 months old if you already have one) from your GP or other qualified health care practitioner.

Your referral can be completed and provided to us in the following ways.

We can see private patients or provide bulk-billing for those from rural or remote areas of Australia with an RA2-RA7 rating.

Step 2:

Book Your Initial Consultation Online or Simply Give us a Call

When we have received your referral form, one of our friendly staff will get in touch with you within 2 business days to book your appointment.

If you haven’t heard from us within 2 days please call us during our business  hours on 03 8595 9595 or email:

Step 3:

Enter the Video Call

You will receive an email from us confirming your appointment.

10 minutes before the scheduled time of your appointment, simply click the ‘Start Online Call’ button on top right hand side of this webpage, click on ‘Connect using a link’ and enter your link password to begin.

If you are having difficulty connecting to your online call please contact reception on 03 8595 9595.

We are here to help

Frequent Questions

Telehealth Specialists Services aim to make telepsychiatry available to all Australians anytime, anywhere. If you are unsure about whether telehealth is right for your circumstance, please read the list of most commonly asked questions by people who are entering into telepsychiatry care. If you can’t find what you are looking for in this list of questions, please contact us on (03) 8595 9595.
What is telepsychiatry or telehealth?

Virtual care, otherwise known as telehealth, is the delivery of health-related services and information via technology outside the physical ‘walls of the ‘consulting room.’

The Australian Department of Human Services (DOH) defines telehealth as ‘when eligible patients access specialist, consultant physician or consultant psychiatrist services via videoconferencing’.

Is telehealth confidential?

Telehealth appointments are as private as face-to-face appointments. Both you and the psychiatrist will be in a private room. Videoconferencing tool that we use is HIPAA Compliant, meaning that as a healthcare organisation we enforce administrative, physical security, and technical security of all our patient’s data.

Who can provide these consultations?

These consultations can be provided by specialists, consultant physicians or psychiatrists.

Who can support a patient during the consultation?

The patient can be supported by their GP, nurse practitioner, midwife, Aboriginal health worker or practice nurse during their video consultation.

How should I prepare for a video consultation appointment?

• allow for 10 to 15 minutes of preparation time prior to your appointment start time to turn on and set up your device
• switch your mobile phone off or to a silent mode
• speak clearly so your voice can be heard by the microphone
• if you have any questions or need assistance during the telehealth consultation, just ask

What happens in a telehealth consultation?

• your specialist will connect with you via secure video conference
• you can discuss your mental health concerns and questions as if you were with the psychiatrist in person
• your family or carer can be present in the room if you wish

What equipment do I need for my video consultation?

For basic videoconferencing with your psychiatrist, the following hardware is recommended:
• a computer, tablet or mobile device with a webcam and microphone
• speakers (or headphones)
• internet connection.

If you need help setting up for your video call, arrange a test call with our friendly receptionist prior to your appointment!

What are the benefits of telehealth consultations?

• psychiatry appointment delivered in the comfort of your home
• zero transportation costs
• timely, flexible appointment times
• less disruption to your usual routine
• convenient for those who are socially isolated and mobility challenges

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Connecting Australian communities with quality and easily- accessible online mental healthcare!

We aim to work closely with our referring general practitioners to provide patients with a coordinated and timely approach and treatment plan. If you are a referring practitioner feel free to download our brochure and share with your patients who you believe would benefit from telehealth services or telepsychiatry. Likewise, if you are a patient who would like to share the benefits of our telehealth services with your specialist or GP, we would appreciate if you share more information about how we can partner with them to bring the optimum mental health care plan to the comfort of your own home.

Telepsychiatry News and Updates

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Feel free to follow the latest developments in the area of psychiatry and telepsychiatry. Also watch this space for the latest updates and news shared by our clinic staff members.

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